Kerry’s Patching Saved The Day And I Couldn’t Be Happier

Oh the joys of owning a new home. My wife and I used our garbage disposal for the first time just for all the food to push up out of the other side of the sink along with gallons of water and a stench like death. I called my trusted plumber who informed me the old drainage system needed to be replaced since even if he snaked it it would clog again in months. Unfortunately this piping overhaul required him to cut out the wall under my sink and put a fairly large hole on the outside wall. I immediately wanted to both cry and puke at the same time but it had to be done. I jumped on google while he was chiseling away my wall to find out who will repair the exterior stucco and the interior plaster wall. 99% of the search results do one or the other. Kerry’s Patching though does both. I called Kerry and explained the situation that I needed lath & plaster and stucco repair. I think he could hear the panicky sound in my voice since he informed me he’ll come out the same day after his last job. Kerry and his partner Simon came over around 7pm with a smile on their face and a good sense of humor. I showed him what I thought was a horrible situation and he said “Hey, we’ve trained 30 years for this exact project, this is what we do”. After about an hour the exterior and interior looked perfect. I was totally blown away. After we paint you won’t be able to tell anything happened. They also protected all surrounding areas and did a thorough cleaning after the job was done. The price was very good too! Kerry’s patching saved the day and I couldn’t be happier. If you have a plumber or electrician inform you they need to cut holes in your wall don’t worry, just call up Kerry!

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Welcome To Kerry&#    ;s Patching

Welcome To Kerry's Patching

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