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Kerry’s Patching specializes in small jobs from doorknob holes to re-pipes.

I have been practicing 45 years just for your job.

Some type of Repairs
Water Damage

Electrical Work

Replacing Doors and Windows

Some type of Repairs
Dry wall

Interior Plaster

Exterior Stucco

Historical Home’s interior plaster

Plumbing Work

Koi Pond Repairs

Fire Damage

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We Servcie All of Orange County, CA & Surrounding Areas

I do alot of bidding over the phone with pictures on text.

If your sending some pictures, please send from the perspective of ground level. This helps me get a good idea of the work needed.

Damage from cars, planes, and trains? I have done cars and planes, no trains yet.


Most of the time I look at my text by the next morning. On weekends and holidays it might be slower. I have 7 kids, 4 grand children, and a girl friend.

I will try to help you any way I can!